Hello, everybody.  Joe Morella and Frank Segers, your classic movie guys, doing what we especially enjoy — catching up with reader emails. Note to readers: good, bad or indifferent, we love hearing from you.

Cy Kaplan was inspired sufficiently by our Nov. 18 blog (Was Joan Crawford A Couger?) to email the following missive.  (By way of back round, our blog discussed classic Hollywood cougers, that is, older women bedding younger men, and in this case reported on 34-year-old Joan Crawford’s steamy encounter with a 17-year-old Jackie Cooper.)

Cy writes:  Wow!  Joan really was a feisty cougar!  If I ever get reincarnated, I want to come back as Joan Crawford!  Think about it:  Fabulous clothes, tons of adoring fans, gallons of vodka, and steamy sex with hot young  boys!  Yes, please!  

We wonder, Cy, if it would be better to be reincarnated as Jackie Cooper in this situation rather than Joan.  As the French say, une affaire de gout. Remember she had adopted children and wooden hangers to cope with.

Regular contributor Kim Wilson responded to our May 16 blog about Kirk Douglas and the French (Kirk Douglas Battles the French at Cannes — An ‘Exclooseeve‘), our pal Hy Hollinger’s account of how Douglas got the short end of some French politicking about Cannes Festival awards.

Sad to say, but this sounds like something the French would do. Poor Kirk–he thought those French generals in ‘Paths of Glory’ were corrupt! 

You wouldn’t think at this late date that Robert Cummings (the subject of our May 29 blog) would draw fan mail, but take a gander at the following from regular contributor, Mike:

Who could ever forget one of Hollywoods “crown princes,” Bob Cummings, (who) was a delight. Maybe more likable than Robert Young? (In) movies or tv you gotta love him. My favorite movie of his was (the 1941 RKO comedy, The Devil And Miss Jones) in which he costarred with Charles Coburn and Jean Arthur.

He was a rabble rouser (Cummings played Arthur’s boyfriend, a union organizer) and the 3 were great complements to each other. Great pick today! BC is an All-timer for sure.

Thanks for the recommendation, Mike. We agree.  The film IS a classic. Social commentary and entertainment.  Very Capra-esque.   We should immediately add that this movie is NOT to be confused with the 1973 porno film The Devil In Miss Jones.

Responding to our May 14 blog, No Stereotypes Offscreen — Motoring With STEPIN FETCHIT, Kim Wilson writes:

I read an article in ‘The New Yorker’ about how some blacks view him as a sellout.  I found that statement offensive.  He was a man earning an honest living. It wasn’t his fault that he was often cast in stereotypical roles.  Still, he made a good living–probably one he would have never had if he hadn’t been an actor. 

Thanks, Kim.  We are glad to see that classic movie fans today have a far more balanced view of the career of this very talented performer. In any case, he had great taste in automobiles.

Cy Kaplan returns with this about Deanna Durbin (about whom we have dedicated several blogs including last Nov. 11’s DEANNA DURBIN – Rival To Judy?):

 I am a new fan of Deanna Durbin. Saw ‘100 Men And A Girl’ last night on Turner Classic Movies and was hooked! Love Judy too.

Glad to hear, Cy, that you are a Durbin convert.  The movie you cite is a 1937 Universal release. It’s good to know that you are totally bipartisan in the seemingly endless Deanna vs. Judy debate.






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