It’s Friday, and time for our final installment this week of photos re-released from our exclusive Donald Gordon Collection.  

The challenge to identify these DG classic Hollywood subjects is really tougher today.

Yesterday’s, we saw Donald pose with Buster Crabbe, Linda Darnell and Preston Foster. The solo shot was of Laird Cregar. Did you recognize them?

Now, on to today’s subjects.

(HINT: She was a popular comedienne celebrated for her role as Baby Snooks.)

(HINT: He was 20th Century Fox’s all around go-to man in the Forties.  Had a long and solid career.)

(HINT: Although more celebrated today for his musical stage work, he excelled in Hollywood playing comedic characters.)

(HINT: A superb actress  who left an indelible imprint on several film noir classics. She’s “moanin’ low” in this John Huston title.)

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