Hello Everybody.  Joe Morella and Frank Segers here again. And our first posting on Saturday.  We’re committed to coming to you Monday through Friday and hope you’ll look to us each day as you would your favorite columnist.  This week we’re adding a sixth entry.

Today we are thrilled to begin what we hope will be a regular feature of this blog– readers sharing their own personal pix of stars with all of us.  Patricia Williamson of Tucson has generously sent us the above photo of herself with screen legend Marlene Dietrich. The shot was taken at Los Angeles’ Union Station as Marlene was leaving on a tour to sell War Bonds. Pat wasn’t the only one wishing her a “Bon Voyage.” Naturally, Dietrich had a military escort.

In 1943 Pat, then Patricia Nanette Hawkins, fresh out of high school, had been signed up by the Standard Oil Company of California to be a “Chevronette.”  These young women were part of the company’s war effort.  Pat, (who was born on St Patrick’s day when her mother had to leave a production of “No, No, Nanette) and a few other girls were set up in a booth in downtown L.A. and every afternoon at 4:30 a movie star would arrive to help sell war bonds and stamps.

Pat and the other “Chevronettes” were photographed with stars and other dignitaries and the pictures were circulated nationwide.

Thanks for sharing the photo Pat.  It must be great to have such fond memories.


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