As you surely know by now, one of our very favorite pastimes is receiving and responding to email from readers.  We love it, and devote today’s blog to catching up with some recent missives, comments and (best of all) recommendations about good films to see.

Robert Preston was known primarily as a stage performer (The Music Man) rather than a movie actor, an unjustified slight in our book.  Thus we were delighted to receive the following from FlickChick in response to our Dec. 4 selection of Preston as our Star of the Week.

I just loved this man. He definitely got better as he got older. Thanks for the spotlight on a great star! (and boy was he robbed of an Oscar for “Victor Victoria”!).

Hear, hear, FlickChick.  We wholeheartedly agree.

Jack Carson was our Star of the Week on Dec. 11, and we speculated that this fine performer rarely got his due because, in part, of his astonishing versatility.  (That’s Jack pictured above right with Doris Day and Dennis Morgan in 1949’s It’s A Great Feeling.)

Here’s what Jeff Woodman had to say:

Thanks, guys, for giving Jack his long overdue spotlight. Always loved him, and have to agree with your assessment that his extreme versatility may have worked against him in a town and an industry that liked to pigeonhole its players.

My favorite Carson film is “The Hard Way,” because in it he gets to do it all, sing, dance, clown and emote, all with consummate skill.

Warner Bros. released The Hard Way in 1943. It’s  a show-bizzy musical romance costarring Carson, Ida Lupino, Dennis Morgan and Joan Leslie (what a curious cast). Undoubtedly, worth another look.

John, another Carson fan, offered another recommendation:

THE GOOD HUMOR MAN (1950) is my all-time favorite Jack Carson film. Lola Albright and George “Superman” Reeves co-star. A cartoon-like script from former WB cartoon director Frank Tashlin who would go on to direct Bob Hope, Jerry Lewis and others. Wild slapstick and stunt work make this one of Carson’s best.

Definitely worth another look-see.

Our long overdue Edward G. Robinson blog (Quiz and Answers, Dec. 16-17) drew this response from regular commentator Mike Sheridan:

 Wow! Guys, EGR to me, was the most versatile of all the A-listers. Just watching him in his different roles, like nerdy painters, insurance adjusters, a monk, a dad, newspaperman, authority figure, and oh yeah… as a gangster! Most well rounded and believable of them all. Thank you for the tribute.

Our pal, Mark, a Garland-Durbin enthusiast nonpareil, writes with this reminder:

 (Don’t forget that December 4th would have been Deanna Durbin’s 92nd birthday. lol!)

 And, finally, congrats to Le, who nailed eight of our 10 questions about Eddie G. correctly.

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