Hello, everybody.  Joe Morella and Frank Segers, your classic movie guys, here today plumbing our trusty email bag for some recent gems from our ever alert readers.

On May 8, we wrote in some detail about the death of one of our favorite actors, George Sanders (GEORGE SANDERS– Bored To Death?).

He’s best known, of course, from his Oscar-winning role in  1950’s All About Eve, perhaps the best of Sanders’ 36-year film career — which spanned more than 110 films stretching from 1936, shortly after he emigrated to Hollywood, to 1972, the year he took his own life by downing a fatal mixture of Nembutal and vodka in a seaside resort hotel suite some 10 miles south of Barcelona, Spain.

Our blog drew this response from Monkey Face:

Loved George Sanders.  Such a classy man with a velvet voice. I think it is tragic the way he died.  Generations to come will keep his memories alive without even know it…Disney reissues their classics every 7 years.  Long live the memory of the Falcon!

Thanks Monkey Face.  Your Disney mention is in reference to 1967’s animation hit The Jungle Book, to which George lends his silky baritone, voicing the role of Shere Khan The Tiger. The Falcon was, of course, his very early mystery series at RKO.

Reader CRC emailed the following about our Jan. 17 blog about Nathaniel West’s Day of the Locust, the widely regarded short novel that provides one look at Hollywood’s underside:

I thought that Nathanael West wrote “Day of the Locust,” not F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Well, CRC, you are correct.  West was indeed the author and Fitzgerald was the admiring reader.  If you closely read our blog, we state exactly that. We wrote that Fitzgerald “wrote of” the West novel, but certainly did not “write” it.  You missed the “of” (we have since changed the wording a bit to clarify Fitzgerald’s role).

And speaking of Fitzgerald, we are working on a BOOKS2MOVIES blog inspired by the latest screen version of the author’s The Great Gatsby. (That’s the latest screen version above).  It’ll be ready shortly so don’t miss it. Thanks for the email.

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