After her marriage to fourth husband Dick Haymes ended, Rita Hayworth married one more time, to producer James Hill, who was a partner of Harold Hecht and Burt Lancaster in the company Hecht, Hill and Lancaster.

Rita continued to make films including one, Separate Tables, for her new husband’s company.  She gave an excellent performance opposite Lancaster as a former beauty desperate for love.  In fact through the 1960s, Rita gave many excellent performances in films.

But her heart was no longer in it.  She worked merely to support herself and her daughters, Rebecca (by second husband Orson Welles) and Yasmine (by third husband Prince Aly Khan.)

Hello everybody.  Classic movie guys Joe Morella and Frank Segers here to conclude our series on Rita Hayworth, one of the top stars of Hollywood’s Golden Age.

A few days ago we ran a color photo of Rita which is incorrectly identified as the ‘Shawshank Redemption Poster.’  The shot was indeed put onto a poster and used in the film, but it existed long before the film was made.

In fact it was used as the cover for the British edition of Joe’s book (co-authored with Edward Z. Epstein) Rita: The Life of Rita Hayworth, back in the early 80s.

Below is the cover of the U.S. edition.  We humbly suggest you read the book. There is so much more to know about “The Love Goddess.”

Hollywood’s first princess died of Alzheimer’s disease in her New York City apartment on May 14, 1987. Her caretaker, daughter Yasmine, was there until the end.



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