Hello, everybody.  Your classic movie guys, Frank Segers and Joe Morella, reporting today we have been so inspired by The Richard Burton Diaries –edited by Chris Williams, published by Yale University Press, 2012 — that we are presenting this quiz designed to test your knowledge of the actor (and what’s-her-name, the woman he married twice).

In its review of the book, British film magazine Sight & Sound recalled the intense public fascination back in the Sixties and Seventies with Burton and his most famous wife (he had four):

It’s probably hard for readers under the age of, say, 45, to imagine just how absurdly famous Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor were at the height of their notoriety: Multiply Brad and Angelina by (Prince William) and Kate and your might come somewhere close, but only just.

We suspect you know a lot more about Taylor than her almost-equally famous husband. To see how much you do know about Richard Burton, feel free to take the following quiz.  Answers next week, so stay tuned.

Question: What was Burton’s reaction when he first saw Cleopatra, the disastrous 1963 costume epic which sank a studio but introduced him to Elizabeth Taylor?  Did he 1) laugh uproariously; 2) express that he was ‘totally horrified’ 3) express indifference or 4) wax favorable to the film as a whole?

Question: What was Burton’s real name?  1) Thomas Shea; 2) Richard Jenkins; 3) Irving Rabinowitz; or 4) Richard Bloom?

Question: Didn’t Burton squander a flourishing career as a Shakespearean actor for the easy buck of Hollywood?  True or false.

Question: Isn’t Burton the most nominated leading actor never to have won an Academy Award?  True or false.

Question:  Twentieth Century Fox, the studio that financed and made Cleopatra, actually sued Burton claiming that his on-set affair with Taylor severely damaged the movie, perhaps the biggest single commercial flop in Hollywood history.  True or false?

Question: How devoted was Burton to Taylor during their two marriages spread over 11 years? 1) very; 2) he had many affairs during their union; 3) he was a total philanderer; or 4) insisted on an “open marriage?”

Question: Taylor finally left Burton because she could no longer abide his heavy drinking. True or false?

Question: Burton once made a movie costarring Raquel Welch and bombshell Joey Heatherton, and had affairs with both. True or false?

Question:  Burton felt that in the end his marriages to Taylor hurt his career.  True or false?

Question: Burton spent so much money during his Taylor marriages that he died broke. True or false?


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