So, how did you do with our Monday Rhonda Fleming Quiz. Time to find out.

Please check out Rhonda in any title she’s in.  Don’t miss her in 1947’s noir classic, Out of the Past. The Ronald Reagan outings?  We provide no guarantees. But, please, enjoy her work — she logged some 65 acting credits (and marrying six times along the way).

Ok, here we go.  To review the questions, just scroll down to the blog below.

1) Answer: As Rhonda tells it, a large black limousine one day pulled up beside Fleming enroute to Beverly Hills High School.  Out popped b) Henry Willson who actually asked, have you ever thought of being in motion pictures? Willson, a prominent agent of the late Forties and Fifties (who “discovered” and renamed Rock Hudson and Tab Hunter), later boasted to Hunter:  You like this hot redhead, Rhonda Fleming? You wouldn’t know her if she was still Marilyn Louis. I changed it (her name).

2) Answer:  Fleming actually contemplated a career as an opera singer.  Her early idol was b) Deanna Durbin.

3) Answer:  c) Joseph Cotten, Rhonda’s costar in 1956’s The Killer Is Loose. Nothing against Cotten.  It’s just that Fleming preferred her other leading men.

4) Answer: Ronald Reagan.

5) Answer:  a) True.  Fleming recalls being picked up by an elephant and riding high in the saddle on a dangerous incline.  She was young.

6) Answer:  a) Spellbound’s Ingrid Bergman was Fleming’s favorite female costar.  She regarded her highly both offscreen and on, noting especially how considerate Bergman was.

7) Answer:  d) Fleming performed in front of a full orchestra at the Tropicana as a — singer. “It was great,” she recalls.

8) Answer:  “The Four Girls” comprised Jane Russell, Beryl Davis and Connie Haines in addition to Fleming.

9) Answer:  Fleming in her early 20’s played a nymphomaniac in Spellbound. She says that didn’t know what the word meant, and had to look it up.

10) Answer:  Fleming made two pictures with Bob Hope, The Great Lover in 1949 and Alias Jesse James a decade later.

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