We ran a quiz about Wanda Hendrix about three years ago.

We asked five question, and our old pal Graham Hill, quite the expert, got all five correct. One of our questions concerned whether Wanda once considered writing a scathing book about her first husband, Audie Murphy.

Karen Wicker Duarte recently wrote in –“Not sure you got 5 correct. My Aunt Wanda would never even a score with Audie who she loved dearly to her last breath!”

Well, obviously Hendrix reconsidered writing that scathing book, so we’ll never know the real story of their tempestuous relationship.

Meanwhile you should know that Hendrix was a petite beauty who had looks of a Florida-born belle named Dixie who drew the attentions of Murphy, one of America’s best known war heroes.

Her career (some 45 movie and tv credits over a span of nearly 30 years) was no great shakes, less interesting in fact than her marital adventures. Yet, she became something of a Hollywood household name in the Forties and Fifties, and still working up until seven years before her death at age 52 (of double pneumonia) in 1981.

Wanda Hendrix began her Hollywood career as a B movie fixture before graduating to A-list films such as 1949’s Prince of Foxes with Tyrone Power. Her colorful marital life then intervened, and once it first phase was over she found it hard to regain her former stature, such as it was.

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