You might ask — whatever possessed you guys to run a Monday Quiz about a guy born with the name of Turhan Selahattin Sahultavy?

In our defense we should reply that we have our own devilish streak, and enjoy testing — really testing — our very alert readership.  And besides, the guy’s professional name was Turhan Bey.  Does that make things better?

That oddly costumed, somewhat sullen figure captured in the photo above was actually a pretty popular figure in 1940’s Hollywood, who excelled at portraying a range of exotic, mysterious and unsavory characters. He was virtually the star of a string of profitable Universal escapist movies, set in far-flung locations (but filmed on the back lot).

Offscreen he was a womanizer who caught the attentions of more than one female star of the period. That was roughly the mid-Forties when, as Bey once put it, one was young and good looking, and it seems those were the very two things everyone was looking for. Ah, Hollywood in the Forties.

Ok, let’s get to our Turhan Bey Quiz. As usual questions today and answers tomorrow. Here we go:

1) Question:  Bey was a favorite of Forties fanzines, which dubbed him which one of the following sobriquets? a) The Turkish Delight; b) The Powerhouse Pakistani; c) The boyish Rudolph Valentino; d) King of the Casbah.

2) Question:  Ok, then, where was Bey actually born?  a) In Ankara ; b) In Vienna; c) In Calcutta; or d) In Nutley, New Jersey.

3) Question:  Which one of the following was Bey’s most frequent female costar?  a) Katherine Hepburn; b) Lana Turner; c) Maria Montez; or d) Merle Oberon.

4) Question: Bey never married, but came very close to wedding which one of the following? a) Lana Turner; b) Maureen O’Hara; c) Mary Astor; or d) Hedy Lamarr.

5) Question:  Originally destined to study science, Bey enjoyed a long, personal friendship with none other than Albert Einstein. a) True; or b) False?



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