He was a really BIG star in the 1940s, but is almost totally forgotten today. Why that is a question we throw open to our readers. Tell us why, please.

Cornel Wilde — born in what is now Slovakia as Kornel Weisz in 1912 — is eclipsed in the fog of Hollywood history while, say, Erroll Flynn, a fellow sword and swordsman, stubbornly sticks in our collective memory. And, honestly, we don’t know quite why that is.

Wilde starred in some pretty big pictures over the course of a half-century career, and was a director of note. He was an athlete-scholar, a skilled linguist (he reportedly spoke five plus English) and was a forceful actor. Why doesn’t he register more today?

Let’s see how much you remember about Wilde. We’ll keep he question as generic as possible without giving away the store. As usual, questions today and answers tomorrow. Here we go:

1) Question:  Once of Wilde’s most durable roles was as obsessive Gene Tierney’s love interest in which one of the following movies?  a) The 4th Musketeer; b) Passion; c) It Had To Be You; or d) Leave Her To Heaven.

2) Question:  Besides being a director himself, Wilde worked with some famous directors as an actor.  Which one of the following did he NOT work with?  a) Cecil B. DeMille; b) Allan Dwan; c) Otto Preminger; or d) Billy Wilder.

3) Question:  Wilde was a genuinely talented, Olympic-level athlete, excelling in which one of the following sports? a) Swimming; b) Polo; c) Fencing; or d) Gymnastics.

4) Question: Wilde’s second wife, a Chicago-born former teenage fashion model who was a decade younger, became his personal and professional obsession.  Who is this temptress?  a) Barbara Payton; b) Jayne Mansfield; c) Jean Wallace; or d) Carol Baker.

5) Question: Wilde had a part in one of Humphrey Bogart’s most notable early pictures.  a) True; or b) False.  (If true, can you name the picture?)

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