Hello, everybody.  Joe Morella and Frank Segers, your classic movie guys, here today wrist-deep in our email bag, picking out the latest of our reader correspondence.

Way back in July 14, 2011, we published a blog that asked this question: Susan Hayward Forgotten Star? Judging from the emails we have received since then, the answer is NO.

Here’s the latest Hayward appreciate from Tony Petrillo:

She was a marvelous star and my favorite till she passed away (on March 14, 1975). I was in the Air Force the year she FINALLY won Best Actress. I still remember yelling with joy as she RACED to the stage to get that Oscar. Both she and Ann Blyth were my all time favorites, and I still search for any of their films on TV.

The former Edythe Marrenner from Brooklyn was nominated four times for best-actress Oscars before finally winning in 1959, for her role as a death row inmate in United Artists’ I Want To Live directed by Robert Wise. By the way, we like your mention of Blyth, an actress who was often underrated and underappreciated.

Regular reader Mike Sheridan responded to our Feb. 14 blog — All Leading Ladies With The Right Leading Man or Where’s Fred? — toasting three often forgotten actresses, Marjorie Reynolds, Virginia Dale and Lucille Bremer.

Marjorie Reynolds was a lot of fun. She worked hard, looked great and was well respected. My favorite movie with her was the “Mr Wong” with Boris Karloff as a Chinese detective, precluding the Charlie Chan series.

Karloff starred in three Mr. Wong titles for Monogram Pictures in the late Thirties: Mr. Wong, Detective;  The Mystery of Mr. Wong; and Mr. Wong in Chinatown. Reynolds costarred in the last one in 1939.

And our blog about Eylse Knox and her clan elicted this from LauraEnjoyed your post! I always enjoy reading about Hollywood families.

Here’s some more fun trivia — Tracy was formerly married to William R. (Billy) Moses, a steadily working actor whose best-known role was in FALCON CREST. He was himself from an acting family — his brother Rick Moses caused a brief sensation on GENERAL HOSPITAL in the ’80s.

Billy appeared in an episode of NCIS, so he was working with his ex-wife’s uncle in that show. 

Thanks to all our correspondents. Please keep those cards and letters coming our way.

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