Time once again to dip into our e-mail bag to unearth the latest from readers. Remember, we love hearing from you, and welcome all exchanges.

We start out with this provocative observation from faithful reader, Graham Hill.  It’s in response to our Sept. 12 Jean Seberg Quiz. We asked, and then answered the following:  5) Question:  Seberg died early, at the age of 40, because a) She suffered a stroke; b) She was hit by a car driving down the Champs-Elysees; c) She fell off the roof of her Paris apartment; or d) She committed suicide.

Our answer was: 5) Answer: d) Seberg committed suicide. Towards the end of her Thirties, her mental state became more and more troubled.  She survived several suicide attempts.  In August of 1979, the actress succeeded. Her breathless body was found under a blanket of a car parked on a Paris street. Empty vials of barbituates were strewn about the vehicle. A sad end to a budding talent.

Reader Hill writes us to say that our answer is incomplete to say the least:

Jean Seberg’s life… and death, is very highly controversial. So guys, in question number 5 of your quiz, there should be an answer option E – Was she murdered?

Since her death, there is more evidence to suggest just that. And in the illusionary world of HOLLYWOOD and politics, things are not quite what they seem…..

And no, this is not absurd conspiracy theory, it is well documented fact. But don’t take my word for it, always do your own research, and always keep an open mind. A good place to start try to catch the 2014 award winning documentary ‘Movie Star: The Secret Lives of Jean Seberg.’

Rest assured, Graham, we’ll keep our minds open.  And, we’ll check out the documentary you suggest.  Stay tuned.

In our John Garfield Quiz published on Aug. 23, we questioned whether or not Garfield believably looked like a boxer re his starring role in 1947’s Body and Soul. We suggested that he did not, unlike Robert Ryan and Robert DeNiro (in Raging Bull) — who did  in the boxing movies they starred in. Correspondent Bob Praino thinks otherwise:

Yes, JG does a credible job as a boxer. When he’s boxing and throwing jabs you can see him keeping his right arm in a great position to protect his face and body. He’s got the arm somewhat tucked in w/the forearm and elbow protecting his body. He is crouched somewhat so that his right fist can not only punch but also protect his face. He’s not in the same caliber as RRyan and RDeNiro, (who) was taught for months by one of the greatest of all time, Jake LaMotta.

That’s DiNiro as LaMotta pictured above.

In our Lyle Talbot Quiz of Sept. 6, we noted that he starred in two Edward D. Wood Jr. titles: 1953’s Glen or Glenda (a strange look as cross dressing) and the infamous 1959 space odyssey, Plan 9 From Outer Space, that has become affectionately regarded as “the worst movie ever made.”

Reader Ray O’Leary adds:  Talbot was also the star along with Steve Reeves in Wood’s crime drama JAIL BAIT.

Ray is right — Wood cast Reeves as one Lt. Bob Lawrence in this 1954 outing.

Finally, the kind of fan letter we cherish, from Marisa Zavaglia, who wrote our site to express her fondness for Ingrid Bergman:

I’m kind of  a greenhorn at this…but, for me,  the old movies and the old stars of the ‘Golden ‘Age’ are the only ones with entertainment.   I’m asked ‘but they are politically incorrect and not real!’  And I say ” they represent the mentality and culture of the times” Honestly…. If I want realism…I’ll look or listen to the news ( if you can believe anything they say these days)!

 My daughter always says: “what are you watching ..Marisaland Movies ” and I always reply  “yes…the best”.



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