Time for one of our favorite past times, poring over reader e-mail.  We have a pretty good sampling today so, as the French say, faites attention.

Our Feb. 28 blog, CARY GRANT‘s Honeymoon — Menage a trois?, in which we speculated about the actor’s sexuality (was he straight, gay or somewhere in between), drew a pretty heavy response and these e-mails.

From Eduardo de Mendoza via Twitter came this:

When you are Cary Grant and has a support of several masterpieces, who is really interested in if he was, wasn’t?  Not me.

From Danny:

Let it never be said you guys shy away from controversy!  Can’t believe you don’t like ‘Walk,’ though– for a ’60s romcom, it ain’t half bad.

Danny here is referring to the 1966 romantic comedy, Walk Don’t Run, Grant’s last movie in which he costarred with Samantha Eggar and Jim Hutton.  As for the film’s quality, we add (again trying out our French), chacun ses gouts.

Our Feb. 26 blog, about Classic Hollywood Homes, was based on a newly published book from actor Robert Wagner, with Scott Eyman, titled You Must Remember This: Life and Style in Hollywood’s Golden Age (Viking, 2014).

We mentioned that four years before his first marriage to Natalie Wood, Wagner had an intense affair with with Barbara Stanwyck that left a lifelong impression upon the young actor, still with us at age 84. (The affair is covered in Wagner’s 2008 memoir, Pieces of My Heart.)

From Java Bean Rush comes this:

In that first book, I remember his discussing the fact that Natalie Wood and Barbara Stanwyck both wore the same perfume! Apparently, Wood admired Stanwyck who gave the young actress her favorite scent as a gift.

Thanks for the review of the new book. I thought Wagner had covered everything before. I guess not.

Regular contributor Mike Sheridan is, as you’ll see, a big Errol Flynn fan, and responded to our Feb. 24-25 Errol Flynn Quiz.

Great job, and how timely.

I watched ‘The Adventures of Robin Hood’ last night and what a treat. The movie could have been a milestone western. Great story great acting.

Olivia DeHavilland was a siren at 21 and E.F. was magnificent. Could have been an even bigger star but was pigeon-holed into swashbucklers, I believe, because he was so athletic (like Esther Williams and Johnny Weissmuller). Eugene Pallette was very good as Friar Tuck…

‘Captain Blood’ next week! 

Our March 3-4 Frank Sinatra Quiz, featuring a flattering photo of Ol’ Blue Eyes with Dean Martin, drew these responses. First from Vintage Cameo:

Very appropriate—I went to Palm Springs over the weekend, and made sure to check out a few of (Sinatra’s) favorite haunts there, as well as paying tribute at his grave site.

And this from Martin aficionado Dino Martin Peters:

Hey pallies, likes Mr. Joe and Mr. Frank cool to see the name of our most beloved Dino lifted up ‘gain at your beau-ti-ful blog. What a powerfully perfect pix of our Dino and Mr. Frank enjoyin’ each others company. Regards.

Regards to you Dino and all our contributors.

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