On the radio, she was a star and everyone knew her.

She made a few movies, but most people didn’t know what legendary star Fanny Brice actually looked like.

We are here today to inform.

Yes, indeed, that is the star of the Ziegfeld Follies and one of the biggest radio hits of all time, Baby Snooks, Fanny Brice, pictured above.

That warm, informal candid — taken by our pal Donald Gordon back in the early 1940s — shows Brice off screen to advantage.

She only made a handful of pictures, none notable, but at least she is captured on film for us to enjoy today. See her in 1938’s Everybody Sing, the MGM musical starring Judy Garland. Brice portrays a comic Russian maid competing for attention in a pleasantly kooky musical family.

She was immortalized, of course, by the Broadway musical Funny Girl (and in the subsequent movie version), so most people today think of Barbra Streisand when they think of Fanny Brice.

Now here’s Fanny pictured below in a slick studio shot.

Note to reader:  She looks a lot better in the Donald Gordon version above.

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