Little did we know that our April 13, 2012 blog — “Leave Me Out of the Limelight,” about the children of big stars who worked hard NOT to emulate their parents’ stardom — would turn into something of a forensic exercise.

We wrote back then that: “Although very little is known about Rebecca Welles Manning, she did leave an heir, Marc McKerrow, who is the grandson of Orson Welles and Rita Hayworth.  Thus far it appears Mr. McKerrow also prefers to stay far out of the limelight.”

Well it turns we were several dollars short and about two years late. Reader Lourdes Fernandez recently informed us that Marc Mckerrow died in his sleep in 2010 the result of an apparent seizure related to a car accident he was involved in years earlier.

We checked, and found the following confirmation via an obit in the Great Falls (Montana) Tribune, published on June 25, 2010:

SPOKANE – Longtime Montana resident Marc McKerrow, 44, died June 18 in Spokane, of complications from a nocturnal seizure.
Our beloved son, brother and father passed away unexpectedly in his sleep on Friday, June 18, 2010, in Spokane, Wash. He passed away of complications from a nocturnal seizure, a condition he battled for years.
Marc always wanted to help others. He was challenged by a head injury that prevented him from realizing his dream, but his life and his life’s story helps all of us.

He was proud to have had his complicated story told in the film “Prodigal Sons,” which followed his journey to discover his birth mother, Rebecca Welles, the daughter of Orson Welles and Rita Hayworth.

Adds Joe, co-author (with Edward Z. Epstein) of the 1983 biography Rita: The Life of Rita Hayworth (Delacorte Press), “Rebecca had a  son in her youth,  before she married, and she had given the child up for adoption. They never met each other although it is rumored he went to her funeral.  Rebecca had no other children. Welles’ two other daughters had no children. Rebecca’s half sister, Rita’s other daughter, Yasmin, had a son, but he died without producing an heir, and so the only biological link to either Rita or Welles, may be the children of Marc McKerrow.”





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