Our quiz subject was born in Poland in 1894, made movies in Germany before World War I and at the behest of Paramount Pictures, first arrived in Hollywood in September 12, 1922 —  as an established star accompanied by cheering fans and an attentive press pack.

In all Pola Negri appeared in some 65 movies mostly European made but a fair share made in Hollywood.  Her career spanned the silent period (eg. 1924’s Men and Forbidden Paradise) into the introduction of talkies. (In 1932’s A Woman Commands from RKO with Basil Rathbone, Negri not only talks but sings.)

Her life itself would have made an interesting biopic. She died at age 90 in financially tight circumstances in 1987, in San Antonio, Texas.  Not only was she a strong actress but she had a measure of genuine importance in Hollywood history.

So let’s see how much you knew about Pola Negri. Check out these answers.  (To review the quiz questions, just scroll down to the blog below.)

1) Answer: c) Negri was born Barbara Apolonia Chalupiec.

2) Answer:  c) Negri was the first big European film actress to be wooed and imported by Hollywood. She arrived there three years before Greta Garbo hit town.

3) Answer:  b) Charlie Chaplin.

4) Answer:  Negri was referred to as b) the “Black Lotus Flower” and c) “Tiger Woman.” In other words, she got your attention when she acted onscreen.

5) Answer:  d) Negri had in spades all the other attributes mentioned but she definitely did not possess a flair for comedy high or low.  She took herself and her dramatics verrry seriously.

6) Answer:  b) Rudolph Valentino, who supposedly wanted to marry Negri.  The public suspected that the extent of their relationship may have been overblown, however.

7) Answer:  c) Gloria Swanson, in a feud manufactured by Paramount.

8) Answer:  b) There were allegations of Negri’s supposed closeness to Adolph Hitler, which she strenuously fought in court.  The allegations hardly helped her Hollywood career.

9) Answer: a) Ernest Lubitsch.

10) Answer: Negri started out as (a) a dancer.



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