Wow! When you want pictures, we give you pictures.

When these photos were released by the movie studio in the 1940s they merely identified these women as “20th Century Fox Player” — but we bet you know who they are.

Hi everyone,  Joe Morella and Frank Segers, your classic movie guys, back with another photo quiz.

Almost everyone in the world would recognize the star in the first picture above, but how many of you will recognize the actress in the head shot.

Hints?  Yes, she was a 20th Century Fox player.  She was around for many years and although she starred opposite some of the top leading men of her day she never attained top tier stardom.

She was in “The Bridge at San Luis Rey.”

She was married to Sid Luft before he wed Judy Garland.

She had an early TV series.

And, no, she is NOT Terry Moore.

As to the girl in the top picture, no hints necessary.

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