How much did you know about our man pictured above?

A lot apparently, judging by feedback from regular reader Graham Hill.

He wrote yesterday in response to our questions segment that we made things in this Quiz  too easy.  He also wrote this nice summary of our subject:

PAUL SCOFIELD had one of the best marriages in show business, a true gentleman and an outstanding family man… Good for him that three times, he turned down knighthood.

Scofield was one of those great actors who didn’t have to show you “any stinking badges” as he had a whole lot more than just talent, a whole lot more than just the world-wide respect of both his audiences and fellow actors – he had CLASS!

Thanks, Graham (who got correct answers to our five queries). Now for the rest of us….here are the answers to our Paul Scofield Quiz:

1) Question: (Here’s the easy one.)  Scofield’s most famous role was that of Sir Thomas More, the royal advisor who crossed swords with a lusty Henry VIII. The Broadway edition of Robert Bolt’s play opened in 1962, followed by the big screen adaptation four years later. Can you identify this award-laden play and movie?

1) Answer:  That would be, of course, A Man For All Seasons.

2) Question: In this 1973 cold war thriller, Scofield portrays a Soviet security official who risks his life and career assisting an American intelligence agent. The movie was directed by the late Michael Winner.  Can you name it?

2) Answer: The picture is Scorpio, one of Frank’s favorites. It stars Burt Lancaster as an American intelligence operative. Alain Delon weighs in as a slippery international customer. It’s solid thriller, and worth a look if only for Scofield’s riveting performance.

3) Question: In this World War II actioner, Scofield plays a near deranged Nazi colonel determined to secure a trainload (hint!) of fine French art enroute to Germany. Can you name the picture (another hint: its star is the same as in the movie referred to in question 2).

3) Answer: This is 1964’s The Train, a very exciting action movie set in France at the end of World War II when the Resistance is trying to sabotage a train loaded with stolen artworks by French masters. Scofield’s performance as the high-intensity Nazi colonel in charge is oddly moving.  Burt Lancaster is on hand as one of the movie’s many English-speaking French resistance fighters.

4) Question: In his 1955 Hollywood debut Scofield plays a Spanish monarch who has a taste for a young leading lady warrior who sports a patch over her right eye.  The cast includes Maureen O’Hara and Gilbert Roland,and was released by 20th Century Fox.  Studio honcho Darryl Zanuck was so impressed with Scofield’s performance that he ordered the actor’s role be enlarged during production.  Can you name this picture?

4) Answer: The picture is That Lady. It was a Fox extravaganza in Cinemascope, directed by Terence Young who went on to direct three James Bond adventures. (Can you name them? Oops, wrong quiz.)

5) Question: Robert Redford directed this 1994 movie dissecting 1950 tv quiz show scandals. Scofield plays he professorial father of one of the scandalees. Can you name the picture?

5) Answer: Quiz Show, a terrific movie helped by Scofield’s performance as the scholarly father of principal suspect, Charles Van Doren (Ralph Fiennes).

By The Way: Paul Scofield was married just once, to actress-producer Joy Parker, a union that last nearly 65 years. It produced two children.

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