For the last few weeks we’ve been highlighting performers who have won Tony and Oscar awards for playing the same role on Broadway and in films. You may not think of Paul Scofield as necessarily a movie star, but he was indeed a winner who fits today’s bill.

In fact, Scofield was a a towering 20th century figure mostly because of his voluminous stage roles on both sides of the Atlantic. And although his movie  output is relatively spare (some 30 of 41 total screen and tv credits) it is of an uncommonly high quality — no matter the size of the role.

Born in England in 1922, Scofield began acting as a teenager, moved on to regional rep companies and gradually developed into a foremost Shakespearean thespian of his time.  His roles included some of the canon’s most challenging, Hamlet, Henry V and King Lear. At the end of his career (he died in 2008) he was a reluctant eminence gris in England — turning down knighthood.  If you want a title, what’s wrong with Mr.?, he asked.

Today’s Paul Scofield Quiz will concentrate on his movies including the one that qualifies him as an Oscar-Tony winner.  Questions today, answers tomorrow.  Here we go:

1) Question: (Here’s the easy one.)  Scofield’s most famous role was that of Sir Thomas More, the royal advisor who crossed swords with a lusty Henry VIII. The Broadway edition of Robert Bolt’s play opened in 1962, followed by the big screen adaptation four years later. Can you identify this award-laden play and movie?

2) Question: In this 1973 cold war thriller, Scofield portrays a Soviet security official who risks his life and career assisting an American intelligence agent. The movie was directed by the late Michael Winner.  Can you name it?

3) Question: In this World War II actioner, Scofield plays a near deranged Nazi colonel determined to secure a trainload (hint!) of fine French art enroute to Germany. Can you name the picture (another hint: its star is the same as in the movie referred to in question 2).

4) Question: In his 1955 Hollywood debut, Scofield plays a Spanish monarch who has a taste for a young leading lady warrior who sports a patch over her right eye.  The cast includes Maureen O’Hara and Gilbert Roland,and was released by 20th Century Fox.  Studio honcho Darryl Zanuck was so impressed with Scofield’s performance that he ordered the actor’s role be enlarged during production.  Can you name this picture?

5) Question: Robert Redford directed this 1994 movie dissecting 1950 tv quiz show scandals. Scofield plays the professorial father of one of the principal scandalees. Can you name the picture?

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