The terrible twos are over. This blog turned three last week.

Yes, for three years we’ve come to you rain or shine every Monday through Friday with our musings about Classic Films, Classic Movie Stars, and the Golden Era of Hollywood. We think of ourselves as cheerier than the Post Office and, we hope, a bit more knowledgeable.

We thought this might be a good moment to reiterate our goals here at Classic Movie Chat. As we stated three years ago — a classic is a movie you can see over and over and over again, always finding something new and interesting about it, always marveling at its ability to “hook” you.

Sure, the film may be a period piece but it is never dated. It lacks references caught in time. It has instead universal themes (passion, greed, hubris) representing universal human emotions reflecting the universal human condition.

A Classic Movie Star is one such as Bogart, or Hepburn, or Wayne, or Marilyn, or Judy, who was famous then and is still famous.

And the Golden Era of Hollywood ranges from the early 1930s through to the late 1950s, when the Hollywood studio system largely crumbled. There are many times in compiling our writings when we wish it hadn’t.

In any case, continue to join us here Monday through Friday and look at the stars and films we all love.  And, puhleese, continue to write and tweet us about your favorites.

Finally, we thought you’d might be interested in who else is reading this besides you.  In our three-year existence, we are happy to report, we have truly gone international. Readers from all over the world join us (and you) on a daily basis.

About 53% of our readership resides in the USofA. All the rest comes from abroad.  Our second biggest market is France, which provides about 8% of our monthly readers.  Then there is the U.K. (7%) and Germany (6%).

It doesn’t stop there.  We regularly register readers in Canada, Australia, Brazil, Italy, Spain and India.  That’s quite a reach for a simple blog by two simple guys who just happen to like classic movies.

We hope you’ll join us in our third-year anniversary salute to ourselves. And we trust you’ll stay with us as we charged unbowed into year four.

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