We’ve heard it dozens of times, “It’s an honor just to be nominated.” And, like all cliches, it’s true.

Scores of actors have been nominated and voted on by their peers. And they know their obits will begin with “Oscar nominated actor….” Most of the nominees have been tapped only once. A few have 2 or 3 nominations.

And a handful have multiple nominations.

Anyone who knows anything about this stuff knows that the actor who holds the record for Oscar nominations is Meryl Streep (above) who has 21 — and counting!

No one, not in our lifetimes, is going to catch Streep.  Her closest competitor at the moment is Jack Nicholson (below) who has 12. By the way she’s won the big prize three times. But so has he, so they’re currently even on Oscar wins.

But we here at ClassicMovieChat are much more interested in the winners from Hollywood’s Golden Era. Perhaps you film buffs already know that only three people from those years ever achieved double digits. Hepburn, Davis, and Olivier.

Next week we’re going to test you about their winning roles, and we’re going to look at some other stars from that period who were never quite able to catch the brass ring.

And, you’ll perhaps discover, the Academy Awards have overlooked some of the finest films ever made.  That applies to talent as well.

We will try to figure out why that is.

As the French say, a semaine prochaine. 

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