The mark of a movie star from the Golden Era was whether they were billed above or below the title of the film.

The six women we feature today (in alphabetical order) all qualify as Above-the-Title Stars. Janet Blair, Betty Garrett, Terry Moore, Margaret O’Brien, Marie Windsor and Jane Withers.

What an eclectic and enticing bunch. Here they are:

Image result for images of janet blair in my sister eileen 1942

Yup, that’s Janet Bair (to the right of the admonishing Rosalind Russell) in 1942’s My Sister Eileen.

Next is…..

Image result for images of betty garrett in on the town

… Betty Garrett  whooping it up with someone by the name of Frank Sinatra in 1949’s On the Town.

And then there is one of our Frank’s special favorites…..

Image result for images of terry moore in mighty joe young 1949

… Yup, that a long view of the curvaceous Terry Moore, with her eponymous costar in 1949’s Mighty Joe Young.

And lest we forget…..

Image result for images of margaret o"Brien in Lost Angels

… That’s the always on-the-verge-of-tears Margaret O’Brien (right with Marsha Hunt) in Joe’s O’Brien favorite, 1943’s  Lost Angel.

Now, to one of our special picks….

Image result for images of marie windsor in the narrow margin

… Yes, we’re talking about Marie Windsor, one of the two stalwarts of the superb 1952 film noir The Narrow Margin. Here she is butting heads with another noir toughie, costar Charles McGraw. Both are excellent in this film.  See it.

Finally, there’s ……

Image result for images of jane withers in paddy o'day

….Jane Withers in 1935’s Paddy O’Day (as a child star). And….

Image result for images of jane withers in giant

…as an adult character actress in 1956’s Giant.

We were flipping the channels the other night and found all 6 of them – together – in an old episode of Angela Lansbury’s TV series, Murder She Wrote.

So, as we like to remind the STARS of today, enjoy the spotlight, it dims very fast.

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