In our Feb. 12 blog, Two More Historical Couples Interested Filmmakers, we asked you — our ever alert audience — to identify two sets of historical figures that made the transition from real to reel and have been the subjects of various movies.

At least one reader identified Mexican artists Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera last week.

And although Rob first said one of the couples was Anne Lindbergh and George Putnam, he immediately corrected his mistake — and identified aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart with her husband, publisher George Putnam.

That’s Salma Hayek and Alfred Molina above as Frida and Rivera in director Julie Taymor’s 2002 biopic, Frida.

And that’s Roz Russell (below), who portrayed a character very much like the lost aviatrix Earhart in 1943’s Flight for Freedom.  In that fictionalized account the love interest was another pilot, portrayed by Fred MacMurray.

In the more recent, direct biographical film, Amelia, George Putnam was played by Richard Gere, and Earhart by Hillary Swank.

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