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Arthur Slavin wonders why, in our Who Are The Oldest Living Oscar Winners blog of last Nov. 29, we mentioned Olivia DeHavilland (who turns 96 in July) and little sister Joan Fontaine (95 in October) but omitted another qualifier.

Let’s not forget Celeste Holm, (above) born April 29, 1917, making her 95 years old.

Let’s not, indeed, Arthur.  After all, Holm won the Academy Award in the supporting actress category in 1948’s for Gentleman’s Agreement AND was nominated as best supporting actress two more times, in 1949 for Come To The Stable and a year later for All About Eve.

And let’s not forget that pair of 95-year-olds, Ernest Borgnine (Best Actor Oscar in 1956 for Marty) and Kirk Douglas (1996 Honorary Oscar). Finally, there’s 91-year-old Mickey Rooney who was awarded an Honorary Oscar in 1983, and won a “Juvenile Award” in 1939, shared with another name that we should mention, Deanna Durbin (who turns 91 in December).

Wyatt Kingseed has more to say about Olivia and Joan as presented in our Olivia and Joan — Hollywood’s Most Enduring Sibling Rivalry published June 1.

 Hi, Gentlemen. Another interesting post. Two of my favorites. Maybe the gals get along better than anyone realizes and they just don’t give a heck what fans think. I hope so.

So do we, Wyatt. But we’re not betting the mortgage on it.

On this same subject, “Dear Mr.Gable” weighs in with the following:

Thank you for this fascinating glimpse at two fascinating women. I’ve heard that one of Joan’s ex-husbands referred to her autobio (titled ‘No Bed of Roses’) as “No Shred of Truth” or something like that, and I’m sure it is slanted as most autobios are.

Over the years people have cited Joan winning the Oscar first or a rivalry over (husband) Brian Aherne as the reason, but it could just possibly be that (Olivia and Joan) plain just don’t like each other. It happens often to “us commonfolk”, not only in Hollywood. But blood sometimes just isn’t enough to bond people.

At their advanced ages now, it seems neither is willing to bury the hatchet–I recall a quote from Joan, something to the effect of, ‘I married first, won the Oscar first and if I die first, [Olivia] will be livid because I beat her to it!’

It has been rumored for years and years that Olivia is working on an autobio of her own–something I wait for with breathless anticipation!

So do we.

In our June 4 blog, What’s With Tyrone’s New Look — Stars and Their Cars, we ran a photo of Power standing next to his Jaguar all decked out in a Tyrolean outfit.  We speculated that he was sporting this odd ensemble possibly because he was making The Razor’s Edge at the time.

We received this welcome note from Joan Chandler:  Hi. That photo is definitely not from ‘The Razor’s Edge.’  It may be a costume from ‘I’ll Never Forget You’ – I’m drawing a blank at the moment.  

It happens to us all, Joan. Ill Never Forget You was released by Fox in 1951, and stars Power as an American physicist living in London who time-travels back to the late 18th century. The photo we published dates from the mid-Forties. And we didn’t say it was from the film, The Razor’s Edge, we just suggested it was a publicity photo taken about the time he was making the film.  But thanks for keeping us one our toes.

Finally, this from Janet in response our to our several blogs about Lana Turner. Janet remembers Johnny Stompanato.

Remember a fifteen year old kid (me) avidly following the story from the impossible distance of 1958 Chicago. My fellow punks were mesmerized by the mob guy and the movie star. Many of us had only recently seen ‘The Postman Always Rings Twice’. We could visualize Johnny Stompanato (what a name) as a real-life John Garfield working for Al Capone. Capone and his world were the romantic mythology of Chicago. Along with Mrs. O’Leary’s cow.

Thanks, Janet.  Stompanato, Lana’s lover stabbed to death by daughter Cheryl, was indeed mob-connected with ties to Mickey Cohen.  For more on the latter, check out the new book by Tere Tereba, Mickey Cohen — The Life and Crimes of L.A.’s Notorious Mobster. We’ll have some future blogs covering the Hollywood doings of Stompanato, described by the FBI as, among other things, a ‘notorious pimp in the Los Angeles area.’




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