Time to dip into the emailbag and see what’s on the minds of our readers.  Two relatively brief items today.

From Jeff Woodman in response to our March 25 blog, Star Attraction – OLIVIA DeHAVILLAND (Solo At Last), which notes that her sisterly battles with the late Joan Fontaine are over:

Nice post, gentlemen. Friends of mine who visit Paris regularly attend services at the same church as Ms. de Havilland, and report that she gets up and reads scripture there regularly, and as recently as 6 months ago! She is truly amazing. (Note: deHavilland will be 99 on July 1.)

And while I’m at it, here’s a shout out for my favorite, if little remembered, de Havilland performance/film, ‘The Dark Mirror.’

A nifty little thriller with de Havilland playing twins, supported by Thomas Mitchell, Lew Ayres, and Richard Long. No idea why it’s not better remembered and regarded.

BTW, while I’ve never been able to stand Fontaine in anything, I find her at her most most awful in ‘Casanova’s Big Night’ with Bob Hope, where her “comic” line readings all consist of speaking too loudly while rolling her eyes. I’ll admit I’m in the minority here, but Fontaine’s appeal has always eluded me.

Thanks much, Jeff.  We’ll take another look at The Dark Mirror, but will take our time with the Hope-Fontaine picture. That’s Olivia above with John Lund in her first Oscar win, To Each His Own.

From Maria in response to our ALAIN DELON: Out of Sight But Not Forgotten blog of March 13, 2014, has this to say:

Delon should’ve worked with Elizabeth Taylor. What a breathtaking sight that would’ve been. A huge cinema miss.

We agree.  Teaming the handsome French actor with Taylor in her prime would have been a casting coup.  Thanks.





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