Yes, indeed, we are fans of Audrey Hepburn.  Just take a look at our introductory remarks in yesterday’s blog (just scroll down one), and you’ll see why.

Let’s find out how you fared in our Monday Quiz.  The idea was to come up with the titles of the films described and inquired about.  Mixed among the more identifiable of Hepburn’s movies were a few titles that may have gotten lost in the mists of time, and were not all that easy to name.

In any case, to review the questions, just scroll down (again) to the blog below.  Here we go with our answers:

1) Answer: 1961’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s with Audrey as Holly Golightly.  It was her hardest role, she said.

2) Answer:  1956’s War and Peace. Hepburn’s costars include husband Mel Ferrer.

3) Answer: 1951’s Young Wives Tale. Audrey got along with her costars but disliked director Henry Cass.

4) Answer:  1989’s Always, one of Steven Spielberg’s less remembered titles.

5) Answer:  Hepburn was lured back to the screen after a break by the chance to work with costar Sean Connery in 1976’s Robin and Marian. The picture’s conceit is that Robin Hood and Maid Marian are depicted as  characters of a certain age. Richard Lester is the director.

6) Answer:  A blind Audrey is menaced by a super nasty Alan Arkin in this taut 1967 thriller Wait Until Dark. It still has the effect of scaring Frank at each viewing.

7) Answer:  1966’s How To Steal A Million directed by William Wyler.  Audrey’s costar is Peter O’Toole.

8) Answer:  1960’s The Unforgiven, a picture that Audrey found physical taxing . (Among other things, she was thrown by a horse.)

9) Answer:  What else?  1964’s My Fair Lady with Rex Harrison.

10) Answer:  1964’s Paris When It Sizzles, a George Axelrod screenplay about a Hollywood writer under a tight deadline.  Audrey is his muse.

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