The two famous women pictured today had a few things in common.

They both came from Europe to make their mark in Hollywood.

Although each made pictures for over a decade, each worked exclusively for one studio. One the biggest; the other, well …

And which of them was embarrassed when a male star had a clause written into his contract stipulating he wouldn’t ever have to work with her again? And who was that leading man?

We suspect you can immediately identify the woman pictured in the top photo.  We also suspect you may need some help with the identity of the woman pictured immediately above. So here are some hints:

— She was an Eastern European figure skater who’d become the girl friend of a studio head.

— Plans to turn her into another Sonja Henie didn’t work out, and  she converted to straight dramatic roles. She had a long, though not successful, career. She is one of the few stars who worked for only one studio.

Ok, can you identify BOTH these women, name the studios where they singularly worked and provide the name of that actor who contractually insisted in not appearing onscreen with one of the two pictured above?

Answers tomorrow.



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