The Oscar nominations have been announced, and there’s quite a hullabaloo about who’s been slighted.  Well, guess that happens every year.

Hello, everybody.  Mrs. Norman Maine won her Oscar, but Mr. Joe Morella and Mr. Frank Segers, your classic movie guys, are here to discuss some of the biggest stars who never even got nominated.

That’s right.  Some of the biggest stars of Hollywood’s Golden Age were never even picked to compete.  That list includes Alan Ladd, Tyrone Power, Glenn Ford, Joel McCrea, Myrna Loy, Rita Hayworth, Ida Lupino, Errol Flynn, Joseph Cotten and Edward G. Robinson.

Surely Power’s performances in The Razor’s Edge and Nightmare Alley were worthy of consideration. Joseph Cotten was superb in Alfred Hitchcock’s Shadow of a Doubt, one of the master’s very favorite pictures.

Ida Lupino was great in every role she undertook.  But especially convincing in the two film noirs with Robert Ryan, On Dangerous Ground and Beware My Lovely.

Perhaps people such as McCrea, Ford and Loy were just so natural that the Academy members thought they weren’t “acting.” And Ladd and Hayworth were just movie stars.

The greatest slight in our opinion is the lack of even a nomination for Edward G. Robinson. There were so many roles, both as a leading man (Little Caesar, Woman in the Window, etc.) and as a supporting actor (Double Indemnity, The Stranger, Key Largo, All My Sons) when he should have been considered.

Well, a lot of it is politics, as we all know. And perhaps he wasn’t glamorous enough for an Oscar.

Has the Academy injudiciously snubbed any of your favorite actors? Please let us know.














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