Time to scour our e-mailbag for the latest reader bulletins.  As we have written ad nauseam, we love getting the feedback since your message keep us on our toes. So consider it a public service and email us with your thoughts pronto.

Jeff Woodman writes in response to our Montgomery Clift Quiz, published on Jan. 1.

Enjoyed the quiz, guys, and was struck by your observation that Clift “felt director William Wyler indulged his actress star to his detriment.” (This was a reference to what Clift felt was Wyler’s partiality to his The Heiress costar, Oliva DeHavilland.)

It reminded me of a conversation my husband once had with Christopher Reeve, who had considered doing a production of “The Heiress” at the Chichester Festival in England, but ultimately declined, musing to my husband, ‘I dunno, I feel like it’s really the girl’s play.’

To which my husband replied: That’s probably why it’s called ‘The Heiress,’ and not ‘The Interloper.’

Sage observation, Jeff.  Kudos to your husband.

This one from McFinn came from left field since it refers to a blog about Al Pacino that we published on Oct. 6, 2011, about Pacino and Oscar Awards (We Forgot Pacino). Nothing was mentioned about how tall (or short) the actor is.  Anyway, here we go:

Geeeeez Louise! All I want to know is how tall is he?!!

BTW, that one scene in Carlito`s way….(you KNOW the one)……
gets me every time! WOW. What honesty in his facial expressions!
I did that ONCE to someone back in Paducah….I’m so glad I had the
presence of mind to take a picture of the door….
for insurance purposes, that is.
What a memory.
Thanks, Al.
So…how tall is he???

Pacino stand 5-feet-7-inches.  A favor, McFinn.  Can you please tell us more about that scene you refer to in Carlito’s Way, Brian DePalma’s 1993 crime drama with Pacino and Sean Penn? Why does it get you every time?

Finally, another note from Flick Chick, who is really a BIG Robert Preston fan.  This was in response to our Dec. 27 blog, Sexy Robert Preston, Best of Jack Carson and Eddie G., We Love Ya!)

Ah – so glad you agreed! As far as sexy? You bet!!!!


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