What film to watch on New Year’s Eve?  We know that’s the question most people are struggling with as they approach 2013.

Hello Everybody.  Morella and Segers here to wind up 2012 with a quiz about movies with a New Year’s theme or scene.

But first the answers to last week’s quiz about Christmas films.

Of course It’s a Wonderful Life is the Capra film shown repeatedly during the holidays. How many times did you see it this year?

Barbara Stanwyck starred in Christmas in Connecticut and Remember the Night.

Bing Crosby sang to Marjorie Reynolds in Holiday Inn, where he introduced the classic song, “White Christmas.”

And Bob Hope tried (and almost succeeded) in establishing a Christmas song classic of his own with “Silver Bells,” which he sang in The Lemon Drop Kid.

Now for our new Quiz.

Two quick questions.  Joe’s favorite film about reliving the year past is “Repeat Performance.”  Try to find it.  It’s worth a look.  It stars the woman pictured above. Who is she and who was her leading man in the film?

Second question. Two classic films, one from 1960, one from the 80s, have leading characters running through the streets of New York on New Year’s Eve to get to their special someone.  What are those movies?  (and by the way, they are our recommendations if you’re staying in tonight.)

Happy New Year.


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