Two of our favorite films which have themes centering around New Year’s Eve are The Apartment and Repeat Performance. Thus this brief Quiz.

Let’s see how much you know about them. First……

Question 1: Jack Lemmon plays a lonely company drone who lends out his Upper West Side New York apartment to his corporate bosses for their extra-marital sexual trysts.  What kind of company does Lemmon’s character work for? a) A pharmaceutical outfit; b) A Wall Street brokerage; c) An international industrial conglomerate; or d) An insurance company.

Question 2:  The 1960 movie, directed by Billy Wilder, revolves about the romantic interaction between Lemmon’s character with that of Shirley MacLaine’s.  What is her job at the company where they work? a) An executive v.p.; b) A cleaning lady; c) An elevator operator; or d) A receptionist.

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Question 3:  How exactly does New Year’s Eve figure into the plot of The Apartment? a) It occasions a simulated sexual orgy involving principal characters; b) It is the occasion when a philandering executive realizes that he has been financially fleeced; c) It is when Shirley MacLaine’s character realizes the true intentions of Lemmon’s character; d) None of the above.

Question 4: The Apartment proved to be a box office hit but was never taken seriously by critics and the Motion Picture Academy.  a) True; or b) False?

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And now to 1947’s fim noir, Repeat Performance, which manages to weave into the plot not just one but two New Year’s Eves. The cast for this Eagle-Lion outing features Joan Leslie who relives a year in the life of her dead husband (Louis Hayward).

Question 1: The movie begins with a woman standing over the body of her dead spouse. The occasion is New Year’s Eve of 1946. What is she holding in her hand?  a) A baseball bat; b) Compromising photos of the husband with another woman; c) A knife; or d) a gun.

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Question 2: Our heroine wishes she could relive the previous year that culminates in her husband’s death. How does she get her wish? a) By enunciating it exactly at midnight on New Year’s Eve; b) By consulting a fortune teller; c) By praying in a Roman Catholic cloister; or d) By imagining it.

Question 3: Repeat Performance marked the movie debut of veteran actor Richard Basehart.  a) True; or b) False?

Question 4:  Did Joan Leslie’s character really murder her husband?

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