Just in case you’ve come in late, and this is your first or second visit to Classic Movie Chat, we’d like to remind you that one of our treasures is The Donald Gordon Collection of Never Before Seen Photos.

Hello again.  Joe Morella and Frank Segers here to bring you snapshots from the Golden Era of Hollywood.

You won’t see these photos anywhere else — at least not initially. We can’t control what happens after they are published.  But for now, as you read this, they are unique to our site.

That Classic Movie Chat is the first to publish these pictures is just one of the reasons why we think our site is so special. The Donald Gordon Collection was a gift to us, and now it is a gift to you, fellow classic movie fan.

Today’s photos are typical. First seen here were these shots of Betty Grable and Dorothy Lamour, famous stars of the 1940’s.

We hope you enjoy the Donald Gordon Collection as much as we do.  The photographs evoke a smaller, more neighborly and much different Hollywood – before television became a mass medium, decades before videos and DVDs, and an eternity away from the internet and the many digital platforms of today.

Celebrityhood hadn’t quite become the national obsession it is today. There were no paparazzi as such (by the way, which film inspired that descriptive term?) and access to the highest-level stars was made possible by being a member of a studio family, as Donald was.

His snapshots reveal a sunnier, more relaxed, more human Hollywood.  It’s not too grandiose to suggest that they capture precious moments in time. Classic Movie Chatwill be sharing The Donald Gordon Collection with you in the coming days and months. So, be sure to check in with us — early and often.


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