All of us , at one time or another, remember part of a movie which we can’t find the name for, can’t recall the stars much less the director and supporting cast. It’s just a fleeting memory.

Occasionally, here at Classic Movie Chat we get requests from readers who need help identifying or defining a specific film title.

Recently we received this note:

Hello Mr Morella,

I’ve been  interested in military aviation history. There was a movie I once saw.

 The Germans were holding allied prisoners (in possibly a castle or something) high in some mountains. One of the prisoners was a highly valued allied scientist. They concocted a scheme to free him.

The prisoners built a glider (sailplane). One of the prisoners was a very good pilot. This character was (played by) a prominent Hollywood star. But I can’t remember who it was. He winds up being sent to solitary confinement.

When he’s released from solitary, the senior officers of the prisoners inform him he’s to fly this 2-person glider out of the prison with this scientist as passenger. That’s all the info I can remember.

I have searched & searched lists of WWII movies w/o success. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


We think the film you want, Roxy , was not a theatrical release but a TV movie from 1971, The Birdmen. It featured a number of then TV stars, Chuck Connors, Doug McClure, Rene Auberjonios, Max Baer Jr., and one bona fide movie star, Richard Basehart.

It’s about an American soldier Harry Cook (McClure) who’s sent to Norway to help in the defection of a scientist working on the atomic bomb for the Germans. But they are captured and sent to a POW prison in a castle on the German-Swiss border. There the prisoners build a two person glider that can fly them to Switzerland.

Mystery solved?

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