O.K.  The last few weeks have been easy.

Last Monday almost everyone recognized Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe and a few people guessed composer-crooner Buddy Greco.  But  today we’re out to stump you. No more Mr. Nice Guys.

Here’s an interesting bunch. How many do you recognize?

Hello, everybody.  Joe Morella and Frank Segers here again with another of our Monday reader challenges to indentify famous (and not so famous) faces in our collection of candid shots.

This time we’ll wager it won’t be so simple to identify all the people in the above photo. (For one thing, the picture resolution, the best we could get, leaves a lot to be desired.)

Be that as it may, here’s a clue. Two are named Frances and one Elyse. A suggestion: start from photo right where three personalities should be readily identifiable.

Another hint:  it’s the three women (fourth, fifth and sixth from the right) that pose the real challenge since they are a lot less identifiable.

Yet another hint:  The woman all the way to the left wasn’t in the movies (she wasn’t exactly known for being a looker), but she and her ultra-famous husband loved Hollywood actors.  And, for the most part, vice versa.

Second from left had a not especially notable career at four studios including RKO, Paramount and Republic.  She was accidentally discovered when she was a UCLA-bound student visiting the Sam Goldwyn studio. Her surname is the same as that of a famous former tv sports broadcaster.

Third from the left is better known as a singer whose radio appearances with the guy all the way to photo right were notable.  Less notable were her movie performances in mostly forgettable musicals.

The woman fourth from left appeared in 1942’s The Mummy’s Tomb” but is better known for whom she married and for their successful TV star son.

That’s it.  Bonne chance.



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