Joe doesn’t generally like Woody Allen Movies in which Woody Allen stars.

But two early Allen films, in which he does co-star deserve mention and each touches on the theme of Thanksgiving Day in the United States.

Broadway Danny Rose captures a world that Allen knows well, the off beat menagerie of New York “show business” types. And the agent, Danny, holds an annual dinner on Thanksgiving to host his beloved clients.  If you’ve missed this film, catch it.  It is unique and Allen does have a talent for gathering types which no other director uses in films.

Hannah and Her Sisters, one of Allen’s recognized classics, stars Mia Farrow (also the female lead in Broadway Danny Rose), in a comedy drama which is set on various Thanksgiving gatherings.

By the way there are films by the writer/director Allen which Joe thinks are really good.  Purple Rose of Cairo, Bullets Over Broadway, and Midnight in Paris come to mind.

But we’re sure, dear readers, you have many thoughts on Allen, his hits, his misses.  Let’s hear about your favorites.

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