She was a beauty who was also a damned good actress.  He was that dashing, swashbuckling rogue that women loved.  They were two of the biggest stars ever produced by Hollywood, Deborah Kerr and Errol Flynn.

Yet neither of them was born in the U. S.

Hello, everybody.  Joe Morella and Frank Segers here again continuing with our look at classic stars of the American screen who were actually from other countries. Last week we highlighted Raymond Massey, a Canadian, and Basil Rathbone, who was from South Africa.

Regular reader Patricia Nolan-Hall contributed this tidbit about Massey: Raymond’s brother, Vincent Massey, was our first Canadian born Governor General. Thanks, Patricia.  Did not know that.

Do you know where Kerr and Flynn hailed from? Both are no longer with us, of course.

Upon checking the British film journal Sight & Sound’s thorough 2012 necrology (published in its March issue), we discovered that other Hollywood luminaries from abroad shuffled off this mortal coil.

One was Denise Darcel, who made no bones about her nationality in the roles she played (check her out in director Robert Aldrich’s 1954 western Vera Cruz, in which she costarred with Gary Cooper and Burt Lancaster). Can you tell us where she was born?

Another was Sylvia Kristel, the star of the most famous and commercially successful softcore movie — 1974’s Emmanuelle — in recent movie history. She made several Hollywood films including  The Concorde Airport ’79 and 1980’s The Nude Bomb.  But she will always be identified as “Emmanuelle.”  Can you tell us where she came from?

Ok, there you have it —  a motley lot — Kerr, Flynn, Darcel and Kristel.


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