Regular reader and commentator Jeff Woodman sent in this anecdote about Christopher Plummer.

During the Broadway run of “Barrymore,” as Plummer was exiting the theater accompanied by his friend, British comedian Peter Cook, he was accosted by an overly enthusiastic fan wielding a dozen Playbills from Plummer’s past shows.

The fan asked Plummer to sign them all, to which Plummer’s response was a curt “No.” As he began to walk away, the fan followed and asked if Plummer would be willing to sign just the one from that evening’s performance.

Once again, Plummer said “No” and continued walking.

In desperation, the fan got in front of Plummer, saying, ” Oh PLEASE, Mr. Plummer, it would mean so much to me,” while pummeling Plummer’s chest gently with the Playbills, causing Cook to observe, “Well this is a first — the fan hitting the sh*t.”

Thanks Jeff. We love a good anecdote. But the dates are wrong. Peter Cook was already dead by the time Plummer did Barrymore.  Could the witty friend have been Dudley Moore?

Peter Cook, pictured above with long time partner Dudley Moore, was one of Britain’s leading comedians and satirists. They starred on stage in Beyond the Fringe with pals an co-writers, Jonathan Miller and Alan Bennett.  Cook and Moore made two films in the mid 60s —The Wrong Box and Bedazzled.

Bedazzled is a comic parody of Faust. Cook portrays George  (The Devil) who tempts Stanley (Moore), a frustrated, short-order chef, with the promise of possessing an unattainable beauty —  the waitress at his cafe, Margaret, played by Eleanor Bron– in exchange for his soul.  The film features cameos by Raquel Welch as Lust, and Barry Humphries as Envy.

Harold Ramis and Larry Gelbart took the Cook/Moore script and remade the film in 2000 with Brendan Frazer and Elizabeth Hurley (as the devil).

Cook died in 1995. Moore passed away in 2002.

Well, whoever was with Plummer that night, it’s still a great anecdote.



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