Ok, we admit it.  We are taking it a bit easy this week. (Hey, it’s summer, and it’s hot where we are.)

That give us an excellent excuse to re-run today a few more of Donald Gordon’s snapshots. Yesterday, we showed you some of Donald’s more famous Hollywood subjects: Betty Grable, Joan Crawford, Esther Williams and (in a solo turn) Sydney Greenstreet.

Today, the challenge to identify each of Donald’s subjects below is a bit harder.  These folks, though illustrious in their day, tend not to be widely known today.  But let’s give it a try.  Here we go:

(HINT:  A former Olympic-level swimmer, he gained notoriety for playing Flash Gordon, among other roles.)

(HINT: One of 20th Century Fox’s biggest stars of the 1940s, she appeared in notable adventure films with Tyrone Power.)

( HINT:  This versatile actor’s nearly 40-year career included roles in film noir and Judy Garland musicals.)

(HINT: A big man — standing 6-feet-three-inches tall, and weighing as much as 300 pounds — with a powerful voice. He was tailor made for costumes dramas, swashbucklers and, best of all, a creepy film noir or two.) 



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