He was perhaps the most famous international star of the 1930s (see above). After the World War II years in occupied France his film career seemed over. Then, in the 1950s, he returned as popular as ever (see below).

Make no mistake, though.  Despite that amiable Gallic facade Maurice Chevalier exhibited throughout his Hollywood career, he weathered more than his share of tough times, some of which his critics said were of his own making.

Ok, let’s get to our quiz.  As usual, we’ll publish answers tomorrow.

1) Question — Which actress summed up (for some) Chevalier’s career when she said to him that “I’ll admit you’re very funny but not terrific …not colossal?”  a) Leslie Caron; b) Jeanette MacDonald; c) Audrey Hepburn; or d) Joan Crawford.

2) Question — Before he even set foot in Hollywood, Chevalier was noted for his exceptional athletic skills. Which feat most cemented his sporting reputation? a) his long-distance running records; b) the swordsmanship displayed in early vaudeville performances; c) his accomplishments as an acrobat; or d) his role as boxing champ Georges Carpentier’s sparring partner.

3) Question —  Early in his career, Chevalier turned himself into the main attraction at a renowned Parisian tourist stop. Was it a) the Paris Opera; b) La Tour d’Argent; c) the Folies Bergere; or d) the Olympia Music Hall?

4) Question — Chevalier and frequent costar Jeanette MacDonald generated romantic sparks offscreen as well as on.  a) True or b) false?

5) Question: Contemporary political correctness looks askance at Chevalier’s rendition of a song from Vincente Minnelli’s 1958 classic, Gigi. Can you name the song and explain why it could be considered “offensive?”

6) Question — In 1942, during the German occupation of France, Chevalier discovered that his name appeared on a Free French list of “prominent collaborators who deserved death.”  a) True or b) false?

7) Question — Chevalier paid off well-connected friends to get himself exonerated of Nazi collaboration charges.  a) True or b) false.

8) Question — Which one of these actress did NOT costar with Chevalier in a movie made during his successful return to Hollywood?  a) Deborah Kerr; b) Shirley MacLaine; c) Mamie Van Doren; d) Hayley Mills; or e) Sophia Loren?

9) Question: How old was Chevalier when his first foray into Hollywood began?  How old was he when his Hollywood comeback began? a) 41 and 69; b) 15 and 55; c) 25 and 72; or d) 19 and 45?

10) Question: Was Chevalier forced to make propaganda films for the Germans in World War II?  a) Yes or b) no.

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