Hello, everybody.  Joe Morella and Frank Segers, your classic movie guys, kicking off the week with yet another Monday reader challenge.

We suspect today’s quiz will be a tad more testing than last week’s, (Known To All — By EITHER Name, Nov. 26, asking the actual identities of a quartet of familiar stars). Regular reader Mike Sheridan dispatched last week’s quiz with ease. He wrote:

These four are pretty easy guys, just like you said.  First is Lucille LeSueur (or Billie Casin)  is our Joan Crawford.  Second is Jack Garfinkle (nee Jacob Julius Garfinkle) who is John Garfield, famous for his work at Hollywood Canteen.  Third is Norma Jean Mortenson or The Marilyn Monroe and fourth, Bernard Schwartz, is Tony Curtis or Stony Curtis in Bedrock (twist, twist).  Love you guys.

As a prelude to today’s quiz, it should be noted that Really big fans of Really big stars in Hollywood in its Golden Age not only knew the star’s real names but also their hometowns — where they were born and raised.

Above we’re pictured three of Hollywood’s classic stars and below a shot of one of its more recent stars.  Do you know where they hailed from.  Be specific.  Their birthplaces were part of their lore.

With the exception of that fellow pictured above, we have written extensively about these stars, and have duly noted their home towns. Off the top, can you tell us where they are from.

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