Read this carefully — Ursula Andress turned 80 this month!

For those of a certain age, ushering in that startlingly attractive woman pictured above into the octogenarian club is a bit sobering.  Time does indeed fly.

Our younger readers should know that Andress in the 1960’s was the essence of the international jet-set star who was the first famous “Bond girl.”  She set a stratospheric standard for the type, and is the most enduring 007 playmate ever.

Andress also had a decent film career and a suitably complicated personal life.  She was romanced by the biggest stars of the Sixties, and had a child out of wedlock.  Today, she is a relatively fit geriatric battling osteoporosis.

Nonetheless, she still looks great.  So how much do you really know about Ursula Andress? Time to take our Monday Quiz to find out.  As usual, questions today and answers tomorrow. Here we go:

1) Question:  Andress is justifiably celebrated today for her striding-out-of-the-surf turn in which one of these James Bond movies?  a) 1967’s Casino Royale; b) 1962’s Dr. No; c) 1964’s Goldfinger; or d) 1965’s What’s New Pussycat.

2) Question:  Andress’ love life was often more entertaining that her movies.  Which of the following famous names was NOT her lover at one time or another? a) Dennis Hopper; b) Fabio Testi; c) Ryan O’Neal or d) Gregory Peck.

3) Question:  What do Andress and Bo Derek have in common? a) Both look great in bikinis; b) Both were popular movie sirens of brief longevity; c) Both had many lovers; d) Both shared the same husband.

4) Question: How many movies did Andress actually make in her career?  a) a dozen; b) 25; c) 40; or d) 105.

5) Question:  Andress was always viewed as European, but where was she from?  a) Switzerland; b) Belgium; c) Czech Republic; or d) Russia.

6) Question: Andress had a torrid affair with one of her costars, which produced her first and only child at age 43.  Can you name the then famous father?

7) Question: Andress played the female lead equipped with a bullet-firing brassiere in which one of the following titles?  a) The Southern Star; b) Nightmare in the Sun; c) The Blue Max; or d) The Tenth Victim.

8) Question:  In her early Hollywood days, Andress had a tempestuous affair with which one of the following?  a) Rock Hudson; b) James Dean; c) Russ Tamblyn; or d) James Garner.

9) Question:  In many of Andress’ movies, her speaking parts were dubbed by other actresses. a) True; or b) False.

10) Question:  From 1965 to 1972, Andress had a breathless and very public affair with the best known male star to come out of France’s “new wave.”  Can you identify this French actor?

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