After his retired from a lengthy Hollywood career to his native Malta, Joseph Calleia supposedly told a confident:

Everyone recognizes my face but no one knows my name.

That’s not quite accurate, of course, but it wouldn’t be a bad epitaph for a classic Hollywood supporting player for over 30 years. Calleia excelled at playing gangsters, cops and ethnic roles. His career didn’t start out that way.  He was a talented singer-composer, and toured throughout Europe during World War I. (He was born in Malta in 1897.)

Singing engagements took him to London, and by 1926, he found himself in New York and playing on Broadway as an actor. His Hollywood career began in the early 30’s, and he worked a lot. Any picture was strengthened by the presence of Calleia in the cast.

With out Monday Quiz, we’ve asked you to identify 10 of Calleia’s some 60 titles. (To review our questions, just scroll down to the blog below.)  Now let’s get to today’s answers:

1) Answer: 1938’s Algiers.

2) Answer:  1958’s Touch of Evil.

3) Answer: 1940’s My Little Chicadee.

4) Answer:  1939’s Golden Boy.

5) Answer: 1939’s Juarez.

6) Answer:  1942’s The Glass Key.

7) Answer:  1946’s Gilda.

8) Answer: 1948’s Four Faces West.

9) Answer:  1939’s Full Confession.

10) Answer:  1957’s Wild Is The Wind.

Our recommendation?  See them all.

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