Normally, being one hot number was a definite asset in classic Hollywood.  But the jury is still out on this axiom as it relates to Terry Moore.

That’s because this prolific actress (some 75 movies plus at least two dozen tv roles) got caught up in the swirls of romantic history in Hollywood that until recent years had been kept secret.

On paper circumstances could have propelled her career.  Instead, as Moore keeps saying (she is very much with us at age 87), things turned out differently.

Still in all, few actresses managed the onscreen transition from wholesome teenager to gorgeous sexpot more smoothly.  (Frank still harbors fantasies from her grapples with a young Robert Wagner in 1953’s Beneath the 12-Mile Reef.)

Today’s Quiz is, perhaps, something of a tutorial on Moore since the central revelation of her life has emerged only in the last few years. The actress has written about it, and she is still actively promoting herself (and her website) on radio appearances, “nostalgia” and autograph shows.

As usual, questions today and answers tomorrow. OK, here we go:

1) Question:  You may not have realized this but Moore was once nominated for a best supporting actress Oscar. For which movie? a) 1949’s Mighty Joe Young; b) 1950’s The Great Rupert; c) 1945’s Son of Lassie; or d) 1952’s Come Back Little Sheba.

2) Question:  Which one of the following actors was NOT a Moore costar onscreen? a) Gilbert Roland; b) Cary Grant; c) Mickey Rooney; or d) Gary Cooper.

3) Question: Many Hollywood actresses began as young models, but few began earlier than Terry Moore.  How old was she when she made her movie debut? a) 21 years old; b) 19; c) 14; or d) 11.

4) Question: As mentioned, Moore’s career was helped (or hindered) by her lengthy romance with which one of these Hollywood moguls?  a) Howard Hughes; b) Harry Cohn; c) Darryl Zanuck; or d) Samuel Goldwyn.

5) Question:  What relatively new development came out about a resolution of this fore-mentioned romance, and what did our mystery lover affectionately call Moore in the couple’s private moments?

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