Ok, we admit it.

We fell head over heels for Teresa Wright after seeing Alfred Hitchcock’s magnificent thriller, Shadow of a Doubt, in which she plays a feisty young woman who learns her beloved uncle is a serial killer. What a combination of righteous spirit and, yes, coltish sexiness.

Wright was never a glamourpuss but her wholesome good looks were definitely laced with a layer of eroticism just beneath the surface. How quickly was she pushed into motherly or plain roles, noted British critic David Thomson. Perhaps, but we will always have the Wright we see in Shadow of a Doubt.

In general, Wright was both a leading lady and a character actress in the same time period, and was nominated for Oscars in both categories. She is an actress definitely worth knowing more about.  Thus our Monday Quiz.

As usual, questions today and answers tomorrow. Here we go:

1) Question: Wright is famous for winning two Oscar awards in the same year.  a) True; or b) False.

2) Question:  Although she was put under contract at MGM, Wright’s film credits were mostly “loan-outs” — made by other producton companies.  a) True; or b) False.

3) Question: In Hitchcock’s 1943 thriller, Shadow of a Doubt, Wright as a relatively young actress received billing above the film’s better known star. Why? a) Hitchock had a thing for her; b) MGM insisted on the billing to “punish” the star; c) She had slept with Louis B.Mayer; d) None of the above.

4) Question: When she was signed by MGM in the early Forties, Wright insisted on certain specifics covering:  a) No promotional appearances in Texas; b) Permission to return to stage acting at least once a year; c) No cheesecake promotional photos; or d) No amorous advances from Clark Gable.

5) Question: Wright was nominated for an Oscar two times without winning.  For which of the following titles? a) 1942’s The Pride of the Yankees; b) 1946’s The Best Years of Our Lives; c) 1941’s The Little Foxes; or d) 1947’s Imperfect Lady.

6) Question: Wright WON a best supporting actress Oscar for which of the following: a) 1942’s Mrs. Miniver; b) 1950’s The Men; c) 1953’s The Actress; or d) 1956’s The Search For Bridie Murphy.

7) Question:  1942 was an especially busy year from Wright, professionally and personally.  Can you guess why?

8) Question:  Wright was all set to star in producer David Selznick’s rugged, 1946 drama, Duel in the Sun, but begged off the highly physical role at the last minute due to pregnancy.  Who wound up starring in the picture to great acclaim?  a) Hedy LaMarr; b) Ingrid Bergman; c) June Havoc; or d) Jennifer Jones.

9) Question:  In the latter part of her career, Wright had a running role on which of the following tv soap operas? a) Days of Our Lives; b) All My Children; c) As The World Turns; or d) The Guiding Light.

10) Question:  Wright’s love of the theatrical stage took a highly personal turn in 1959.  What happened? a) She fell off the stage and broke her arm; b) She fell in love with her much younger leading man; c) She married playwright Robert Anderson; or d) She starred in I Never Sang For My Father.

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