Ok, we admit it.  We may — just may — have been unfair to Susan Hayward.

Our July 14, 2011 blog, SUSAN HAYWARD — FORGOTTEN STAR, we wrote the following: It’s not easy for either of us at the moment to come up with the name of a bigger Hollywood star of the Forties and Fifties less remembered today than Susan Hayward.

Well we’ve received quite a bit of email about this ever since, usually citing her underrated movies and pointing out how talented Hayward actually was. We remain unconvinced but perhaps a tad less adamant in our original position.

As a nod to our “forgotten” star, we have elevated her to our Monday Quiz status, reserved for Hollywood luminaries only. How much do you know about Susan Hayward?  Try our Quiz and find out. (Answers tomorrow.) Our inspiration here is the definitive 1980 biography by author Beverly Linet, Susan Hayward: Portrait of a Survivor.

1) Question:  Susan Hayward’s real name was: a) Edith Goldberg; b) Henrietta Jones; c) Edythe Marrenner; or d) Susan O’Hara.

2) Question:  Offscreen Hayward was shy and something of a shrinking violet.  a) True; or b) False?

3) Question: Which of the following did NOT have a romantic interlude offscreen with Hayward?  a) Jeff Chandler; b) Howard Hughes; c) Don ‘Red’ Barry; or d) John Wayne.

4) Question: Although her career got started in 1938 as an unknown, by 1953 Hayward was voted by American exhibitors the ninth biggest box office star in Hollywood.  a) True; or b) False?

5) Question: After multiple Oscar nominations, Hayward finally won the best actress prize for which movie? a) Smash-Up;  b) I Married A Witch; c) I Want To Live; or d) My Foolish Heart. 

6) Question: Hayward often found herself starring in “women’s pictures” heavy on the melodrama.  What specific role did she often find herself playing? a) career women; b) red-headed sexpots; c) alcoholics; or d) home wreckers.

7) Question:  Hayward was one of many actresses who unsuccessfully tried out for the the Scarlett O’Hara role in Gone With The Wind.  a) True; or b) False?

8) Question:  Hayward’s career at one big Hollywood studio is said to have ended after about a year because the actress refused the sexual importunings of the studio boss.  Can you name the studio, and the boss involved?

9) Question: Although considered a Brooklyn-born redhead, Hayward was remarkably accomplished playing in westerns. Which of her titles was NOT a western: a) Canyon Passage; b) The Lusty Men; c) Garden of Evil; or d) The Conqueror.

10) Question: Hayward had something in common with Agnes Moorhead, John Wayne and Dick Powell.  What on earth could it be?

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