He was a strapping, handsome lad. (There he is above, in 1941, when he was tabbed “The Most Beautiful Man in the Movies.”) He was once sought after for the role of Tarzan.

He always considered himself primarily a sailor, who accidentally got into the movies in the early Forties, and married his leading lady.  Sterling Hayden took to the sea as a teenager, circumnavigated the world several times and was molded into a respected ship’s captain by his early 20’s. Then came the movies.

Hayden’s career lasted more than 40 years, and includes at least a handful of some of the best films ever made. He was good when he was young, and rose in esteem when he got older. (Hayden died of prostate cancer in 1986 at age 70.)

He’s certainly worth knowing a lot about.  Let’s see how much you do know. As usual, questions today and answers tomorrow.  Here we go:

1) Question: Which of the following name directors did Hayden NOT work with?  a) Stanley Kubrick; b) John Huston; c) Francis Coppola; or d) Bernardo Bertolucci.

2) Question: Name the actress who promoted Hayden’s movie career early on, and who became the actor’s first wife.  a) Simone Simon; b) Greer Garson; c) Danielle Darrieux; or d) Madeleine Carroll.

3) Question: Hayden was sought by the producers of Stephen Spielberg’s 1975 thriller “Jaws” to play the role of the crazed “Quint” (played by Robert Shaw), but the actor flatly turned down the offer.  Why? a) He didn’t like the script or the novel on which it was based; b) He couldn’t stand Helen Gurley Brown, wife of coproducer David Brown; c) Tax problems precluded his working in the U.S.; or d) The money wasn’t good enough.

4) Question: Hayden for the most part spend the World War II years serving in the U.S. Marines.  a) True; or b) False.

5) Question: For much of the 1960’s Hayden kept out of circulation in Hollywood.  Why? a) He was ducking charges of income tax evasion; b) Marital problems with a woman he divorced and then remarried twice; c) He couldn’t find work; or d) He took the time off to sail his boat and write an autobiography published as The Wanderer.




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