A few weeks ago, on Dec. 2 to be exact, we featured a blog about Sandra Dee. And, frankly, we were pleasantly surprised by the relatively large volume of reader interest generated. We suspect our faithful followers would probably appreciate more, and we’re here today to give it to ’em.

Thus our Sandra Dee Monday Quiz.  Yes, we know that she  can hardly be classified a classic movie figure.  The best argument we can make for her Quiz status is that Sandra was an immensely popular, money-making Hollywood star throughout nearly half of the 1960’s, during which the studio system was crumbling (she was the last actress to be put under contract at Universal Pictures.)

Modern audiences will also appreciate that Dee’s apparently luminous marriage to a famous singer and her pristine image as the teenage girl-next-door hardly squared with the reality of her private life.

We’ll explore both her screen time and some of her private travail in our Monday Quiz. So, let’s get going. As usual, questions today, answers tomorrow.

1) Question:  What was Dee’s real name?  a) Marilyn Goldberg; b) Alexandra Zuck; c) Lucille LeSueur; or d) Mary Frances Reynolds.

2) Question:  What was Sandra’s Hollywood nickname?  a) Sandy; b) The Queen of Teens; c) Sandush; or d) Gidget.

3) Question:  We know that Dee’s career began at a very early age.  How early?  a) seven; b) nine; c) 12; or d) 19.

4) Question:  Dee’s marriage to singer Bobby Darin took place at the height of her career.  During the making of which movie did she first meet the singer?  a)  1957’s Until They Sail; b) 1961’s Come September; c) 1958’s The Reluctant Debutante; or d) 1965’s That Funny Feeling.

5) Question:  How long did Dee’s marriage to Darin last?  a) 15 years; b) seven years; c) two years; or d) nine years.

6) Question:  Dee replaced a famous predecessor in the Tammy movie series.  Can you name this actress?  a) Jane Powell; b) Marie Windsor; c) Debbie Reynolds or d) Tuesday Weld.

7) Question:  Dee had throughout her life her share of mental and physical ailments. Which one of the following is NOT included?  a) alcoholism; b) throat cancer; b) child molestation victim; or d) bouts of manic depression.

8) Question:  Dee’s favorite costar might well have been this actor, who had career of sorts as a dark leading man. Who is he?  a) Fabio; b) Fabian; c) John Saxon; or d) James Dean.

9) Question:  Which long-running Broadway musical  and later a hit film of the same title mentions Sandra in a light-hearted song that for a while at least brought Dee back into the spotlight?  (Hint:  check out our Dec. 2 blog, Look At Me, I’m Sandra Dee.)

10) Question: Although she had costarred with an A-list cast in director Douglas Sirk’s 1959 weepie Imitation of Life, Dee ended her career starring in a cheaply made horror movie.  a) True; or b) False.


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