Although today most people think of Red Skelton as a star of Television, he was, in fact a big Film star.

No question that the comedian reached vast audiences via his radio and tv shows — the latter forming the mainstay of CBS’ Tuesday night prime time schedules from 1953 to 1970. Skelton was often mistakenly thought of as a creation of the tube, a daffy clown who excelled an creating an amusing lineup of eccentric characters.

But Skelton’s show biz bona fides were already established via Hollywood movies — about 40 of them to be more or less exact made from 1938 through 1989, eight years before his death at age 84.

He always was a favorite of family audiences thanks to a series of light comedies and musicals. He worked “clean” and believed heartily in leaving ’em laughing.

He also worked with some of classic Hollywood’s biggest stars.  And, again, he was a star himself. How much do you known about Red Skelton?  Why not take our Monday Quiz and find out.  As usual, questions today and answers tomorrow.  Here we go:

1) Question: Why was Richard Skelton, the pride of Vincennes, Indiana, known as “Red”?  a) Because he was far left politically ; b) Because of the color of his hair; c) Because of his hair-trigger temper; or d) Because of his dislike of John Wayne and Ward Bond.

2) Question: Skelton’s highly popular impersonations of tv characters did NOT include which one of the following? a) Clem Kadiddlehopper; b) Freddie the Freeloader; c) George Appleby; or d) Mr. Rogers.

3) Question:  Despite his clean-living public facade, Skelton was one of Hollywood’s renowned drunks.  a) True; or b) False?

4) Question: When Skelton first started out at MGM, he was groomed to become another a) Ed Wynn; b) Bert Lahr; c) BobHope; or d) Lou Costello?

5) Question:  Esther Williams, Skelton’s MGM costar in 1944’s Bathing Beauty, reported that the comedian fiercely resisted a requirement for his part as Broadway songwriter “Steve Elliott.” Why? a) He disliked wearing wigs; b) He refused to wear a dress in one scene; c) He balked at shaving off his profuse chest hair; or d) He loathed the idea of kissing Williams.

6) Question: Which contemporary comic actor is most often compared to Red Skelton?  a) Seth Rogan; b) Jim Carrey; c) Adam Sandler; or d) Ice Cube.

7) Question:  Although hilariously outgoing in movies and tv, Skelton was even funnier off camera.  a) True; or b) False?

8) Question:  Like Danny Kaye, Skelton was at one point married to his agent/manager.  What was his affectionate term for his wife?  a) ‘Little Red’; b) ‘Mamma’; c) ‘Doll’; or d) ‘Nut buster.’

9) Question:  Skelton had fun playing himself in which one of these movies?  a) 1946’s The Show-Off; b) 1950’s Three Little Words; c) 1943’s Du Barry Was A Lady; or d) 1960’s Ocean’s Eleven.

10) Question:  Skelton is widely remembered for getting off a parting shot aimed at one of Hollywood’s most-loathed studio moguls.  Who was this studio boss, and what did Skelton say about him?

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