Louis Jourdan died on Friday, Feb. 13 —  a decidedly unlucky day for him — in Beverly Hills, California at age 93. (Note: Press accounts differ on the actual day of his death. For purely cinematic reasons, we prefer Friday the 13 to the Valentine’s Day often listed.)

Most of you probably know the former Louis Henri Gendre of Marseilles, France as the impossibly suave Belle Epoque aristocrat who romances Leslie Caron in 1958’s Gigi. Jourdan is also notably credited for his villain role in the 1983 James Bond installment, Octopussy.

But beyond those two credits, you might draw a blank on much of Jourdan’s surprisingly lengthy (over 50 years) movie career.  Our Monday Quiz is today both an affectionate remembrance of this handsome Frenchman as well (hopefully) a primer about the finer points of Jourdan’s career.

As usual, questions today; answers tomorrow.  Here we go:

1) Question: Which of the following describes Jourdan best?  He was a) A pretty-boy leading man with minimal talent; b) An actor strangely devoid of charisma;  c) A real working actor; or d) A one-shot wonder with Gigi.

2) Question:  Which of the following actresses did NOT costar with Jourdan onscreen?  a) Adrienne Barbeau; b) Lilli Palmer; c) Senta Berger or d) Heather Locklear.

3) Question: Which one of the following Jourdan leading ladies was also his producer?  a) Joan Fontaine; b) Grace Kelly; c) Doris Day; or d) Elizabeth Taylor.

4) Question: Jourdan and director Alfred Hitchcock shared long-lasting and nasty personal grudges stemming from the actor’s casting in Hitchcock’s 1947 courtroom drama, The Paradine Case.  a) True; or b) False?

5) Question: In his private life, Jourdan was widely believed to have lived up to the reputation of a Continental lover.  How many wives did he have?  a) None, he never married; b) Four; c) Six; or d) One.

6) Question:  Despite his screen image as the suave European aristocrat, Jourdan actually came from an impoverished backround. a) True; or b) False?

7) Question: One of Jourdan’s more interesting leading ladies was Doris Day, at the top of her movie career, playing a singing ex-flight attendant running for her life.  Can you identify this odd movie, and the role Jourdan played in it?

8) Question: In addition to making movies, Jourdan also made frequent live stage performances — most notably in the 1954 Broadway adaptation of Andre Gide’s novel The Immoralist. Which future Hollywood sensation upstaged him in that production? a) Marlon Brando; b) Montgomery Clift;  c) Eli Wallach; or d) James Dean.

9) Question: One of Jourdan’s most popular big-screen outings was 20th Century Fox’s 1954 melodrama set in Rome, Three Coins In The Fountain.  Jourdan plays a Prince who romances a visiting American played by:  a) Cathleen Nesbitt; b) Maggie McNamara; c) Jean Peters or d) Dorothy Maguire?

10) Question: How come Jourdan did NOT sport a French accent in his Hollywood movies?  a) Intensive private instruction in English paid off; b) He spent part of his early years in England; c) He was dubbed; or d) He had an uncanny ability as a multi-linguist.


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